The A2IM Libera Awards Turns 11!

Each year independent music labels from every genre, size, and geographical location submit their music, videos, artists, and campaigns for nomination consideration and are voted on by their peers.

As the Libera Awards has grown beyond all recognition from its inaugural event held at Le Poisson Rouge through its most recent in-person event at The Ziegfeld in 2019 and the wildly successful virtual Libera Awards in 2020 (viewed by audience members across the globe), A2IM’s unceasing commitment to honoring the independent sector endures.


The A2IM Libera Awards, first held in June 2012, was created by A2IM (the American Association of Independent Music), to celebrate the successes of the independent music community. 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the event, which has grown into the largest celebration of independent music in the country.

The name “Libera” comes from the Latin “liberare,” meaning “to free.” The annual awards show recognizes labels and artists who are free from traditional corporate control. In mythology, Libera was the goddess of freedom. A2IM’s Libera award statuette, is an individually handmade sculpture of the music muse who dances for freedom.