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Eligibility Rules

Celebrating the best in independent music; All artists / submissions must be independently owned/controlled, and released in the United States and its Territories during the period between January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021.
* Single Tracks, EPs, and Albums can qualify for all categories listed as "Best XXX Record."
* You may edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline.
* Please make sure all your personal details are entered accurately, including contact details, as this will be used in the awards presentation if selected as a finalist. If selected as a finalist, submitted materials may be used for event promo purposes.
* You are eligible to enter more than one category, as long as the work submitted meets the criteria.
* You can use the ‘copy’ feature to create a copy of your entry and change the category as required.
* Entry fees may be paid by credit card only and must be paid online at time of completing submissions.
* If you are submitting for the Self-Released Record of the Year Category, you can save $20 per submission in this category by registering as an A2IM:Artist Member. Membership is FREE. Sign-Up at
* If your submissions have not been paid for at close of entry they will not be included for judging.**

Attachments Criteria

* A maximum of ten uploads/links will be accepted for each submission.
* Cover Art: Please submit Hi-Res JPEG or PNG files, and label the image “ALBUM TITLE_LABEL_COVER”
* URLs: Provide website URL’s to the publicly accessible campaign or active URL of a landing page if applicable. Please ensure any applicable usernames and passwords (for access) are provided and active.

* Additional Artwork: Supporting images outside of Cover Art such as press images. Please label them as “Artwork”.
* Video: Attachments can be uploaded directly to this award platform or may be hosted on a video platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.
**Please keep in mind that if nominated, the content that you submit will be used for video modules, promotional graphics, or advertisement for The Libera Awards.**

How to Submit

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Add Attachments

In order to submit, (1) attachment/link is required for all entries. If this is a genre category submission, you must upload at least (1) audio file in addition to your attachment/link.

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